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Singulair is the best prescription medicine to treat asthma attacks in adults and children 12 months or older. It is also used to manage hay-fever symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, blocked nose and itchy nose in adults and children who are as young as six months or older. Singulair can also be prescribed to prevent exercise induced asthma. You can buy Singulair online at many Internet pharmacies and benefit from quick delivery and reduced prices on the medication. Once the order has been placed, it is approved and is forwarded to the pharmacy for realization and shipment. You are notified by email that your order has been processed. If you are ordering through a public computer or from a cybercafé, you may delete cookies so that there is no record of your data, which any other person may use.

The medicines are sold through registered mail. You can even track your parcel to find out the status of the delivery. Some websites provide real-time order status updates though their custom made order status form listed on the website. You can also cancel your order subject to certain conditions, but if you abide by the conditions, the money will be duly refunded.

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Singulair 10mg

Singulair 10mg comes in the form of rounded-square shaped, beige colored, film-coated tablets. Singulair is used as the most preferred treatment to treat mild to moderate asthma by decreasing the symptoms of asthma attacks. Singulair has the active ingredient known as montelukast, which is medically distinguished as a leukotriene receptor antagonist. In simple words, Singulair acts as a resistant barrier nullifying the action of leukotrienes or chemicals that are released from the lungs, when a person comes in contact with an allergen such as pollen or dust. Due to the blocking of leukotrienes, the medicine efficiently prevents inflammation and constriction of the airways and prevents asthma attacks. Excess mucus production is also brought in control and even stopped due to the medicine. There are some people who can also get asthma due to exercise; in such cases also Singulair 10 mg has been found to be useful.

Doctors say that Singulair should be taken regularly so that asthma attacks could be prevented. You should continue taking it even when the symptoms are well under control. Singulair 10 mg has also been found to be effective for nasal blockage and hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis). Leukotrienes are also released from the nasal passages when people who suffer from seasonal allergies like hayfever are exposed to an environment which has allergens like pollen. The leukotrienes can add to the hayfever symptoms and result in blocked or itchy nose. Singulair’s vital component montelukast can block the leukotrienes in the nose and relieve hay fever symptoms as well

Singulair 10mg tablets is prescribed for adults who are aged 15 and older. Doctors recommend that the patient should take the medicine, once a day, preferably in the evening. If you notice that your asthma has improved after taking the medicine, you should neither stop this medicine or the corticosteroid inhalers or tablets that the doctor has given. In fact, you should not take the decision of stopping any of the asthma medicines on your own accord; the doctor is the best person to judge the situation and decide what could work best for you. You should however let the doctor know about any medication including alternative medicine that you are already taking before taking Singulair. Also let the doctors know if you are pregnant or breast feeding; so far there has not been any study that can conclusively prove that Singulair can harm the unborn child or the nursing baby.

Singulair generic

Singulair is one of the best medicines that can prevent and treat asthma attack symptoms in adults as well as children who are 12 months and older. It can also be used as a treatment for runny and blocked nose, sneezing etc; that are triggered due to allergies in adults and children who are six months or older. Singulair generic is not available as of now, and the ones that are being advertised on the Internet are cheap imitations which are illegal and fake. Singulair is a patented medication whose patency will expire on August 3, 2012.

Singulair is manufactured by Merck & Co and the patent which the manufacturer holds prevents any generic version to be manufactured in the US. Once the first patent will expire on August 3, 2012, Singulair generic will become available. Though August 2012 is being touted as the earlier possible time by which the generic version can become available, it is not a certain thing because circumstances may crop up which may extend this date. This can include other patents for Singulair uses and other associated lawsuits. Once the patent expires legally, other companies get the right to make generic versions of Singulair.

Singulair is used to treat and manage asthma, prevent asthma triggered by exercise and provide relief from hayfever symptoms. Singulair is referred by its generic name ‘Montelukast’ but the latter is not actually Singulair generic. There is a difference between generic name and generic version when it comes to a medicine. The active ingredient of any medicine, in this case Montelukast, is referred to as the ‘generic name’. However for the generic version of the medicine to be released, the original patent should expire setting the ball rolling for other companies besides the original manufacturer, to legally manufacture the product.

Singulair Medicine

Singulair medicine is a famous prescription anti-allergy drug that can treat allergic rhinitis in children as young as six months old and seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever due to outdoor allergens) in children who are above 2 years of age. Singulair treats and prevents allergy symptoms in children like runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing and itchy nose. Doctors prescribe this medicine to prevent asthma attacks in adults as well as children who are as young as 12 months old.
When you breathe in an allergen like pollen, the body releases chemicals known as leukotrienes. These chemicals can make your lungs swell and tightens the muscles surrounding the airways, leading to asthma symptoms which include breathlessness. Singulair acts like a leukotriene inhibitor, which stops the chemicals from being released.
Since it is a prescription medication, you should not give it to your child or consume it yourself without the doctor’s advice. Note that Singulair may not work quickly enough, if the asthma attack has already begun. In this case, you have to take a rapid-action inhalation medicine to control the asthma attack. With Singulair, it can take up to some weeks before the symptoms improve considerably. You should take the medicine according to your doctor’s instructions and in case, you do not find any change in 4 weeks or so; you can let him/her know. In case, you are allergic to any drugs, for instance an aspirin, you should inform the doctor. He or she will alter the dose or do more tests to find out if you can safely use the medicine
You should take Singulair once a day; it can be taken with or without food. Doctors prescribe children with asthma to take the medicine in the evening while those who suffer from allergies can take it any suitable time. Infants have to take ‘Singulair Oral Granules’ that can be dissolved in breast milk, infant formula milk or mixed with a spoonful of soft baby food.
Singulair like every other prescription medicine does include side effects like tiredness, stomach upset, stomach pain, heartburn and headache. Long-term use can also include side-effects like swelling of the face and lips, hives, itching and problems in adults specifically like depression, irritability, aggressive behavior, nightmares and hallucinations.

Singulair Side effects

Singulair is a famous prescription medication to treat asthma symptoms in adults as well as children who are 12 months and older. It is also prescribed by doctors to heal the symptoms of allergies caused by allergens such as pollen. It can treat outdoor allergies in adults and children above 2 years of age and indoor allergies in adults and children who are six months or older. Much as it is the best prescribed medication to treat asthma symptoms, it is not without side effects.

Here is the list of side-effects that may be possible with respect to Singulair:
  • Singulair can trigger an allergic reaction like hives, swelling of the face, neck and lips. It can also cause difficulty in breathing. When any of these symptoms surface, make sure you get in touch with a doctor immediately or seek emergency help.
  • Less serious Singulair side effects include headache, upset stomach, diarrhea, tired feeling, tooth pain, fever, stuffy nose, hoarse voice, cough, skin itch and mild rash.
  • It goes without saying that you should inform your doctor about the side-effects and when they are of the serious nature (as mentioned in point 1 and 3), you should let the doctor know quickly so that he or she can change the medicine or alter the dose.
  • Bear in mind that Singulair is not a fast-relief medicine when you already get an asthma attack. For that you need to use a prescribed inhaler to ease the symptoms or ask the doctor for emergency medication. Singulair should also not be taken by people who have an allergy towards its ingredients.

    Asthma Attack Treatment

    It is important to have a good asthma attack treatment medicine in placed to counteract asthma symptoms. When an asthma sufferer breathes in an allergen, for instance pollen, chemicals called ‘leukotrienes’ are released in the body which causes swelling of the lungs and high amount of mucus production in the airways. The muscular lining of the airways begin to contract making it difficult for the air to move in and out of the lungs, giving rise to the state of ‘breathlessness’. Singulair is a leukotriene inhibitor; the medicine contains an active ingredient called ‘montelukast’ which blocks the action of leukotrienes. As a result, it prevents excess mucus production, narrowing of the airways and controls asthma attacks effectively.

    A preferred medicine by doctors for asthma attack treatment, Singulair, the prescription medication is FDA approved and can control asthma attack symptoms in adults as well children who are 12 months and older. It can also prevent asthma in people who get it due to exercise or intense physical activity. The medicine is also used to treat hay fever symptoms which are caused due to nasal blockage due to inhaling allergens like pollen. Doctors prescribe Singulair for people whose asthma cannot be controlled by regular corticosteroids and beta agonist relievers like salbutamol. It is prescribed in addition to these medicines. The individual who is suffering from asthma should take Singulair regularly and continue taking it even after the symptoms are brought under control. However, Singulair may not be useful if you are already having an asthma attack. For treating or managing asthma at such a short notice, you have to take fast acting inhaler that has salbutamol or terbutaline. Singulair should not be treated as a substitute for corticosteroids.

    When you take asthma attack treatment, you should let the doctor know beforehand if you are taking any form of existing medication including herbal medicines. People who are allergic to drugs like aspirin may need a dose adjustment or additional tests so that the doctor can ascertain if Singulair could be safely administered.